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How a family tragedy taught a 7-year-old and his mother that a kid with a dream really can change the world.

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WorldWide Dragon Shooting Day began as one little boy’s dream to honor his father. Wyatt was 7 years old when his dad unexpectedly passed away in March of 2013. His father, Dennis Kauth, was a dedicated family man, an avid archer, and an artist for the Dungeons and Dragons game. 

When Wyatt attended a grief camp to help him deal with the loss of his father, he was asked,

“If you were to have a special day in honor of your loved one,

what would it be?” 

Wyatt knew immediately. It would have to be a dragon shoot, to combine his father’s dragon artwork with his love of archery. When Wyatt’s mom, Dorothy, heard this idea, she realized she needed to make it a reality. 


Since then, thousands of archers have participated in WorldWide Dragon Shooting Day events. The money raised at each event is donated to those in need, fulfilling Wyatt’s dream of helping other families while honoring his father. Every year, the number of participants, events, and dollars raised continues to grow, reminding Dorothy and Wyatt that you really can impact the world, one arrow at a time. 


Connecting Therapy and Archery

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